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Incorporated in 1999 in Province of Ontario, CERBER Technology Inc. has provided technical expertise in security and privacy domains various ministries and clusters under Ontario Public Service. We have solid knowledge of, and experience with Government of Ontario IT policies, procedures and security standards such as GO-ITS, Enterprise I&IT Architecture, Public Key Infrastructure, architecture review process, common business model and application standards.

Our consultants created the following web page as a self-help resource for all security consultants who provide consulting services in the Ontario Public Sector (OPS). We have a long experience in OPS, in several ministries and government agencies and we believe that articles from page will be useful. Any comments, please send to

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Threat Risk Assessment (TRA)Privacy Consulting (PIA)Government of OntarioSecurity ArchitectureSecurity Operation Center (SOC)Links that we recommend

What is a security clearance and how do I obtain one?

Source: CERBER Technology Inc. Government of Ontario

A security clearance is a certification that is granted by the Canadian and International Security Directorate (CIISD) of Public Works and Government Services Canada. These clearances are required by the specific organizations for certain contracts, and once granted, allows you to work on their premises and, if required, to have access to confidential or sensitive information.

Government of Ontario requires that all contractors/consultants who, in the regular performance of their duties have access to sensitive information or assets, be assessed for their loyalty and associated reliability.

January 30, 2008

Santa’s looking for his list

Source: Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

“Several months ago, while we were brainstorming possible subjects for blog posts and holiday seasonfeatures, we thought “Santa suffers a catastrophic data loss” would be a pretty funny and relevant item for the Office to cover. Then the Revenue and Customs agency in the United Kingdom lost all that information, and the idea didn’t seem that funny anymore.”

Privacy Consulting (PIA)

 December 28, 2007

A Security Assessment Template

Source: Internet Threat Risk Assessment (TRA)

The following document is a good template for a security assessment report. I have found this document on the Internet and I have successfully used this in several security assessments completed for non-public sector clients. OPS usually requires to use its own templates and document formats for any security assessments projects. Many thanks to Keith A. Watson, CISSP for this document.

January 31, 2008