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Synaptive Medical is a global medical device and technology company solves surgical, imaging, and data challenges to improve the quality of human lives. Synaptive’s integrated suite of products – bridging MRI, surgical planning, navigation, and robotic visualization.
Vatis Tech is revolutionising speech recognition with superior accuracy and affordability. Vatis Tech’s API provides advanced speech-to-text technology that automatically converts audio or video files into text with over 95% accuracy, using proprietary deep-learning speech recognition algorithms.
Alcatraz AI is transforming the way people enter buildings and access secure areas by providing facial authentication solutions that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to make access control systems frictionless AND more secure.
Artivive is a technology company that specialises in augmented reality art. Founded in 2017 and based in Vienna, Austria, the company aims at allowing artists to connect traditional art with digital art, and work in the New Media Art direction, as well as art institutions to augment their artworks.
Aqurate is a comprehensive AI-powered SaaS platform that helps eCommerce companies use their data to grow their shops. It provides analytics, product recommendations, and customer segmentation so that you can make better business decisions and drive customers towards more conversions.
Ondato is a tech company that streamlines KYC and AML-related processes using cutting-edge AI solutions tools that cover the full spectrum of compliance challenges, from new client onboarding to a comprehensive database for ongoing client monitoring
Tripmakery is a booking platform for group travel allowing users to book a bigger number of rooms at accommodation providers.
Oveit is the future of smart ticket sales, registration & cashless payments for your event or venue.